The Universal Gospel Music Radio Show is the vision of several music industry veterans that want to enrich the world with inspirational music with a special focus on "unheard" artists.  We realize that while inspirational music does not all necessarily sound alike, it DOES have one unified message...and that is LOVE and PEACE.


The Universal Gospel Music Radio Show is about sharing, rejoicing and uplifting the human race through song, and thought provoking interviews where musical journey experiences are shared by known and unknown artists.


The tag line of the show "Where Music IS The Message" is very intentional in that a song often carries the emotion of  a feeling, an experience, a knowing that at time can not easily be conveyed through the spoken or written word alone.


The Universal Gospel Music Radio Show serves as a conduit to share the diaspora of inspirational music from around the world, while also giving extremely talented unsigned and new artists an opportunity to be heard.